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About us and our chickens

Cheerful Chickens is a haven and home for chickens, ducks, geese, quails, turkeys - sometimes even the odd peacock! 


The business was started by Carey and Elizabeth whom both have a passion for chickens and birds, and both noticed a growing need in the local area for people to be able to purchase well-reared homegrown and happy chickens.

All the chickens are bred by us, or purchased from The Pure Breed Poultry Company in Devon, with whom shares with us the utmost attention to welfare. On occasion, we also rescue local chickens who need a good home and some recovery time. Once they're rehabilitated they either stay with us in the field or we find them loving new homes.

Our chickens and birds live beside a beautiful rose field near historic Chichester, and spend their day roaming around the nursery and sometimes making friends with our dogs and even cats.


We don't just sell chickens and roses, we are also always on hand with friendly advice on how to look after your birds, and we stock all the vital supplies, which can be purchased from us as needed or we'll point you in the right direction.


Organic and Natural Methods

We believe in using organic methods when raising our birds, and practice homoeopathic treatments and medicines where possible. We believe that this not only makes for healthier chickens that live longer - but also better-tasting eggs!

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