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Caring for your Chickens

Caring for chickens is no harder than looking after any other household pets. They need food, water and a clean and dry place to sleep. And just like your dog or cat, they also need some entertainment and plenty of love and attention.


We also believe in using natural methods and organic care where possible, for healthier and happier chickens. Remember, the better quality of life your birds have, the better their eggs will be!

We're always on hand to answer your questions on caring for your chickens, and share our experience and advice. You can also read our tips and advice on 

Read our chicken care FAQS >

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Nestbox Confetti

We make our own organic Nest Box Confetti. Using rose petals from our garden with, Herbs and Spices.  Sprinkle the nest box with Confetti to give your birds a relaxing and bug-free place to lay their precious eggs.

We can send this via the post so if you aren't local give us a call 01243 785769 

£6.00 plus postage

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