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Housing & Security
Where are my chooks going to live?
The best advice I can give is "don't skimp", the ladies & (gentlemen if you want to keep a cockerel) deserve a warm in winter, cool in summer, dry, ventilated, and clean house to live in.  Whether you build it yourself or purchase make sure you spend your budget well.  Some houses that you can buy on eBay or Amazon are made of paper-thin wood that gets wet in the rain and breaks really easily, the hinges buckle or break, and invariably you end up buying a new one every year or worse still unwelcome guests pay visits and gain easy access with dreadful consequences.  Mr. Fox, Mr. Badger, Mr. Dog, and Mr. Scaley Tail aka Mr Rat may come knocking in the night!

Houses we recommend 

Jim Vyse Arks 
Wooden, well made and very traditional Arks

Henleys Coop
100% recycled plastic, strong, 25-year guarantee, they have designed this chicken coop with hen keepers and hens in mind to bring together the very best elements for all.  They wanted to make something that's perfect for poultry, perfect for people, and perfect for the planet.  The result is an innovative, clever, and striking product that will last a lifetime.  They certainly did that, it's brilliant.  Henlay Coop


Well known, and hard to fault, pricey but they last I still have an original that's 18 years old and still going.

Locking up at night, if like me you live a very hectic lifestyle it is worth your while investing in an automatic door, they can be programmed to open and close by time or light.  You can still have your Sunday morning lie-in or your late-night out safe in the knowledge your feathered friends are safe n sound.  

We recommend the Chicken Guard, easy to fix too!!

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