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Natural Remedies and Organic Chicken Care

There are certain must-haves in your avian medical kit, simple everyday herbs, and spices, and vitamins to boost immunity, bolster sickies, and keep your flock healthy and pest free. 

Beneficial Herbs

Oregano - Strengthens the Immune system,  Combats Coccidia, Salmonella, Infectious Bronchitis, Avian Flu, Blackhead and E-Coli. 

Basil - Antibacterial, good for mucus membrane health.

Garlic - Use as a laying stimulant, anti-fungal properties, and huge benefits to the circulation system.

Mint - Great as an insecticide and rodent repellant.  Antioxidant and aids respiratory health.

Parsely - High in vitamins

Sage - Antioxidant, Antiparasitic and all-round health promoter and laying stimulant.

Marjoram - Anti-inflammatory, decongestant, detoxifier and aids blood circulation.

Marigold Petals - Stress reliever, increases blood circulation, decongestant and if added to food the egg yolks will be the most fantastic orange colour.

Growing herbs around a dust bath is fun, especially lavender which is good for warding away pesky bugs, this will also allow the girls to help themselves, animals always seem to know what's good for them and what they need.  You may need to have them in pots to prevent them from being scratched up during bath time.

Administering the herbs as oil into water, just a few drops only, is a clever way to avoid selective feeding if you have fussy hens.  I will put a clove of garlic into the drinker when I think they need it.

Other useful must-haves!

Vitamins, you can get supplements from all good chicken retailers or online, some to be dissolved in water others sprinkled into food.  I am a fan of Vermix, a valuable additive at times of stress like a moult or weather changes.  I always have some vitamin E handy, good for a chicken that's down in the dumps.

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