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Our chickens

We are sticking with Chickens To Your Door for 2024, we have become a collection point for our lovely friends at  Please pop along to their website and take a look.  You order from a great selection of either large or bantam, hybrids and pure breeds and then collect from us on the given day.

Our chickens are either homebred on the farm by us or come from the Pure Breed Poultry Company in Devon with the utmost attention to their welfare. 

On occasion, we also rescue chickens locally, and once they have rested and recuperated, they are either rehomed or live out their days with us on the rose field.

We often have a variety of breeds on the farm, but here's a quick guide to some of our more common varieties


Bantam's are a smaller variety of chicken and perfect if you don't have a big garden or yard. Their eggs will also be slightly smaller, but they lay just as many as the larger breeds. Our bantams are mostly Silkie & Pekins - they're full of character and bound to make you laugh! 

Make your Selection!


Silver Sussex
Silver Sussex chickens are a very friendly and sociable variety and are great choice for a first-time chicken keeper. They lay plenty of eggs for you and will mix well with other birds.
Choose me!

Bluebell Hens are a particularly beautiful variety of chicken, with blue and grey plumage. They are slightly larger than their fellow hybrid breeds, and can be recognised by their longer legs. 
out of stock
Not only are they a very beautiful breed, they also lay a lot of beautiful eggs. Barnevelder chickens are a very laid-back and easy to care for breed, but have been known to have big personalities too.
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Light Sussex
An attractive white bird with black neck feathers and a black tail.  Good layers, calm and excellent for the first timer. 
Speckledy Maran
 A dual-purpose breed, producing both eggs in good quantity and meat for the table. They are very hardy, calm birds and are able to withstand very bad weather. Their plumage is good camouflage against predators
Shh! you ain't seen me right!
Rhode Rock
A good hybrid between 2 great laying birds, Rhode Island Red and the Black Rock.  Making healthy sturdy and productive birds.  Very easy birds great for 1st timers. Pick Me!
Gold Speckeldy 
 Pretty golden hen that sparkles in the sun, a good layer, spritely and inquisitive.  Lays plenty of eggs for you too.
I'm the prettiest!
White Leghorn

A striking white bird, with a lovely upright fanned tail and large floppy red comb, the hens can be thought to be cockerels.  They lay very large white eggs.  A fast bird not for the beginer!

White Eggs appeal?

Columbian Blacktail
A calm and versitile hen, a very traditional sort of bird, she will lay lots of eggs and be a friend for life.  Great starter bird in fact I wouldn't be without them!
Pick me, I'll be your friend!
Amber Rock
A glamorous bird that comes in variations on a theme.... predominantly white with amber feathers running through.  A kind bird that lays really well.  Good for the starter set.
Pick me!
Silver Duckwing Leghorn
A fancy looking girl a real head turner!!  However she's fast & flighty!!  Not for the novice and not suitable around small children and dogs.  Good layers and one to aspire to but not for a novice.
Fast Lady!
Splash Plymouth Rock
A good sturdy bird, strong and healthy.  Great fun colour, dalmations of the chicken world.  Good for eggs and eating,  shhh.
A lovely bird to keep.
Splash ah ahhh!
Blue Maran
Lovely lavender blue hen with highlights of copper feathers running around the neck.  Solid heavy bird, happy and healthy.  Good with everyone and will be a true friend with benifits....eggs!
Blue for you?


Hybrids £25

Blue Egg Layers £35

Dark Egg Layers £35

Bantam £50

Pure & Rare breeds £50


The chickens and birds we have in the field differ from week to week, and sometimes we have some less common breeds in the coop. We recommend you come down in person to meet us and the birds or call ahead to discuss the best breed for you and your family. 


Picking up your chook

When picking up a chicken from us, please bring a suitable carrier to transport them in. We recommend using a pet carrier if you have one - a cat crate is generally suitable for 2 birds. Alternatively, you can use a large cardboard box, with ventilation holes cut in work well.


If available, add a sprinkling of sawdust or straw at the bottom of your crate too. Remember your feathered friend will be providing many healthy breakfasts for you in the future, so a little comfort will be much appreciated!

Devon Blue
A crested hen that comes in an assortment of colours, this is champagne, it's most distinctive feature is the wonderful blue egg it lays!  If you want the latest fashion in your egg basket she's for you!
Devon Bronze

Dark beetle sheen black feathers on a sturdy and broad bird, the feathers run down the leg to the feet.  This is the girl that lays the dark nutty brown eggs, traditional and what we expect from a back garden bird.

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

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